Mesopotamia joins forces with VISAV Ltd

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VISAV Ltd are a national company based in the heart of Sherwood, Nottingham. For the last decade VISAV, via their communication tool Neighbourhood Alert, have supported much of the UK by sending important safety messages on behalf of many police forces plus other Information Providers.

VISAV have a history of supporting community charities and helped Rachel Jackson, a fellow Sherwood resident to set up a food exchange at the start of the pandemic when residents were struggling to find food on the shelves. As the food exchange came to a natural end early August, the team at VISAV looked into how they could continue supporting people in need and made contact with Rachel Miller from Mesopotamia.

Mike Douglas and Rob Nelson from VISAV met with Rachel and were overwhelmed by all she had and was doing to support her community and were keen to get involved. Rachel told them what she urgently needed was support with their website so Mike asked me to get involved with this and project managing VISAV’s overall support. Working with Rachel and Carina from the charity for content and VISAV’s senior web developer, Nick Houghton, we have now built a new website (same domain).

Rachel has successfully applied for local council funding towards building a food store for their food bank. Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch) have matched funded and VISAV will contribute the difference as well as making monthly financial contributions so Rachel and her team can make long term plans to support people in need. Mike has even roped in members from the United Service Lodge of Nottinghamshire, that he is a member of, to help build the food store and secure a generous discount on the materials!

When asked why Mike recommended VISAV support Mesopotamia he said, “We were supporting the Sherwood Food Exchange and receiving requests from the public to deliver food, which was not within our remit. In trying to pass on the requests I found all routes to solve requests for help from the public ended with Mesopotamia. We are now delighted to be supporting Mesopotamia financially and practically including building a new website and offering free monthly web hosting.”

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