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Welcome to Mesopotamia

We help ordinary people facing extraordinary adversity.

Mesopotamia is a UK-registered charity that works to provide relief from poverty and hardship worldwide. We aim to support the vulnerable and allow them to rebuild their lives with dignity. Since our inception in 2015, we have fed and clothed thousands, provided access to medical care, and helped vulnerable refugees in France, Greece and Turkey. While we have several projects abroad, we also provide support to many individuals here in the UK. Our goal is to assist those in need, feed those who are hungry, and clothe those who are cold.
We believe the aid we offer should be available to all. This is why we strive to support those in hard-to-reach areas. From refugee camps in war zones to shelters in our local community, we offer assistance to individuals in need. We provide financial, emotional and psychological support for refugees, ex-servicemen, the young, the elderly, the hungry and the homeless. Our team has in-depth knowledge and connections in the areas we serve. This helps to ensure that resources are delivered to those who need them most.

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