What will my donation buy?

Regular Giving

A one off donation is much appreciated but if you could make your donation on a monthly basis, this would greatly assist our forecasting and allow us to help more people regularly. Even £1/month would help. If you would like to support us this way, please use our contact form and we will get back to you to enable you to arrange a standing order from your bank. Also, if there are any issues with one-off donations using the above button, please contact us.

£3.00 can provide Sanitary Products for a young lady. £5.00 would buy pads and a packet of underwear.

£5.00 also buys nappies and wipes for a young baby or child.

For £20.00 we can feed a family for a week with good quality, tasty food.

Why your donation is vital

We are working with Fareshare who make a dramatic difference to what we could buy ordinarily. Instead of just tins and jars we can put meat, fresh fruit and yogurts. And we cater for those with food intolerance and specific diets.

Our partnership enables us to purchase really great food at a much reduced cost. A 10 kilo weekly hamper costs us £5.00 give or take a few pence.

Fareshare also helps source grants to pay for or subsidise these costs further.

A typical hamper will include:

  • bread
  • fresh fruit & veg
  • cereal
  • dairy
  • a tasty treat

“Unable to provide for your children”

One of the most difficult situations for me is when we have calls from parents unable to provide these for their children…can you image? I once heard of a mother forced to use a carrier bag as a nappy.


“Those in need growing again”

Previously we had many young school children pop in for pads, however after a Government scheme through schools this reduced a lot. Since the schools have closed, we have seen the number of those needing this grow once again.


“Coercive Control”

We also see those in Domestic Violence situations come to us initially for sanitary towels. It’s strange how all too often some men try and take control of what a woman is unable to control herself!