Offering free breakfasts to families struggling with Universal Credit or zero-hour contracts

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Nottinghamshire Live reported in February 2020:

The founder of a Nottingham-based charity originally aimed at helping refugees, has turned her attention to local poverty.

Mesopotamia was set up in 2015 by mum-of-three Rachel Miller following her experiences helping refugees abroad.

Mrs Miller, 43, has visited war zones and refugee camps in areas like France, Greece and Turkey which led to the creation of Mesopotamia and its charity shop, in Valley Road, Basford.

The charity has been able to provide much-needed items as well as donations to help families in conflicted countries overseas.

But increasingly, Mrs Miller, of Cinderhill, said there has been a growing need for help in the shop’s local area in Nottingham.

She said: “Austerity has impacted this community so much.

“We help a lot of homeless people, but increasingly we see workers on zero-hour contracts and families on Universal Credit.

“There is a lot of poverty around and these situations are not kind.

“I just felt I couldn’t help people 4,000 miles away and not help people on my doorstep.”

Click to read the full story of supporting local families with free breakfasts.

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