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Mike Douglas from VISAV Ltd who are currently sponsoring Mesopotamia wrote on Saturday 3 October:

I am so proud of my United Service Lodge 4068 brethren today. Some hardy members braved the rain and turned up at local charity, Mesopotamia, to build a huge shed that will help them with food storage for their amazing work feeding people in desperate need. Funded by , my Neighbourhood Watch Association and local Councillors, this build is a fantastic example of what selfless people can achieve and what #MasonaryInAction means.

When Mike and Rob, from VISAV first visited the Mesopotamia site they were appalled to see the rubbish that had been fly tipped and left around the area. Rachel “took it in” and arranged for the City Council to clear it all.



Why is this food store needed?

Rachel and her team are able to access food from as they are a registered charity but this has to be purchased in bulk.  Storage is a real problem. They have a large yard but no dry storage.  Two local councillors had agreed to donate £1100 towards a garage or structure of some sort and Mike, with his NottsWatch Trustee hat on pitched the project to his fellow trustees. They were keen to get involved to match fund the Councillors.

How did this project come about?

Mike recruited some of the members of his masonic lodge who are builders, roofers and joiners to construct a 9 metre x 4 metre secure wooded structure.  They agreed to do this as part of their voluntary work in the community (no cost at all).  With the timber, roofing, electrics and fittings they should just get within the £2,200 budget but VISAV are happy to cover any costs that run over.  Work started last Saturday and under heavy rain, the base was constructed, the next construction day is this Saturday and by the 17th October they should be nearly finished.

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