Christmas Clear Out?

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Now that the schools have broken up for the summer and the weather is a little unpredictable, your thoughts may have turned to clearing out cupboards, sheds or even the loft.

As well as all the usual items we are happy to take off your hands (clothing, toys, unwanted gifts) we would also be more than happy for your old Christmas decorations. Rachel Miller, founder of Mesopotamia, explained, “Christmas is one of the busiest times for us and, in honesty, one of the costliest. That combined with the shop closing over the festive period means that money is even tighter for us at this time.” So if you are considering buying new decorations this year, please donate your old ones to us. 100% of our profits go into supporting people in need.

Our shop opening times are Monday – Friday 9.30 until 4.30 pm and Saturday 10.00 until 3.00 pm.

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