Ebay Auction

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Many of our supporters have told us they are missing their charity shop fix and equally we are missing our customers! And of course, without this important income stream, we are struggling to help all those in need in our area.

So we have good news. We have set up an Ebay account. It’s early days but please follow our sellers account at fundraising57

Here’s how, using the Ebay app on your device:

  • Log into your Ebay account. If you don’t have one already sign up at ebay.co.uk
  • Search for a seller
  • Find fundraising57
  • Click on save this seller
  • Next time find us in your saved searches on your Ebay account

Alternatively, if you are using your internet browser, search for us using item number 383898539488. Then click on the link and “save to seller”.

Make sure you also follow our blog because we plan an auction of designer and high end goods next month and will keep you in the know via our blog posts about this and everything else about our charity.

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